Writing a relevant Literature Review

Ask correct questions

To be able to write a strong Literature Review is no small feat. Most of the time you should keep in mind the following questions:

What does the reviewed literature actually tell us?
And what is exactly that it “doesn’t” tell us?
So, why is all of this important anyway?
If your Literature Review can answer these, you are on the right track.Writing a good dissertation takes a lot of time, but when it comes to Literature Review, it is far easier to write it, than to plan on exactly “how” and “what” to write in there.
This section is not simply a collection of the available data on the topic. It shows how familiar is the researcher with all of the work that has been done in this field. Preliminary Literature analysis provides a valid background for your study, evaluates the depth of the research that has been done before and, more importantly, it reveals areas that require further study, therefore helping you to formulate the research question.

Analyze the relevant arguments

Before starting to type anything, it is generally a good idea to spend your time analyzing the individual works. You should keep in mind that you are supposed to be as laconic, as possible, presenting not only the relevant information, but also trying to our writers keep it short and simple:

identify the main argument
analyze if it is well presented and defended
study the theoretical approach and the method that the author adopts
Identify if the author makes some convincing points and draws valid conclusions

Do not focus on the single source too much

Keep in mind, that Literature Review is essentially an examination of each reviewed work in relation to other works. So, after analyzing one of them, it is important to do so in comparison with others:

Does the author of this particular book have more convincing arguments?
Or does the other work provide more sufficient data?
Do both of the works that you have just presented answer the required questions adequately?

Coherence is your ally

Being coherent in writing the Literature Review is incredibly important. The dissertation must have “a flow”. And your Literature Review sets the standards for it right at the start. For this to be the case, it should have an introduction, the main body and conclusion. You should present it not from the point of view of the researchers whose works you are reviewing, but from your own point of view, the person who now researches the works of others and tries to analyze them.