Why Does My Order Go On Hold

The Cause

Some of you may already know about the so called ‘on hold’ orders. Newbies on the other hand are yet to experience things like that. In this post we will try to sort the things out and highlight the precise policy. You will find out how to act when the paper is almost done but order does not seem to be in your current list of orders anymore.
It is not always possible to reach the customer right after they placed their order. We do not want the writer to work on the paper in vain. That is why we ensure that order goes ‘On Hold’ if it was not verified whether it was the instructions or payment verification.

The reasons for an ‘On Hold’ may vary. Main Issues include:

Problems with customer’s payment verification
Insufficient or contradicting instructions (and lack of feedback from the customer for a long time)
Deadline for the order is not clear and yet to be confirmed with the customer

Should I work on it after receiving on hold notification?

If the order was actually set On Hold you are strongly advised to stop working on the paper even if you have 1 page left. That warning is made to protect your interest and make sure you will not end up without payment if the customer turns out to be fraudulent. That is however only an advice, but if you choose to work on the order even after it went On Hold, you do it at your own risk as compensation is not guaranteed.

Pending Order

If you see an order On Hold in your list and it has been there some time already there is no need to send a reminder to admin about it. We work with these orders on a regular basis doing our best to resolve the ‘hold’ situation. Reassign is possible in case you have not started working on https://ourwriters.co.uk the paper and On Hold status is active for a couple of days


We always work towards improvement, trying to make your working experience easier and more pleasant in a way. On Hold orders is one of the main priorities here as the subject matter is compensation. Unfortunately there is no specific policy that will suit every case.


Compensation is possible if you completed and uploaded the paper to the order page and the project went On Hold (only) after that.
Compensation cannot be granted if a 10-day order went On Hold after first 24 hours.
Our primary task is to ensure and intensify the productivity of our service. Writers can help us to achieve that by simply following the policy. In case this article had you figured additional questions, feel free to contact us any time